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Troy-Bilt LogoLet’s face it: There are very few enjoyable messes to clean up, and even fewer enjoyable methods of cleaning up anything that nature or humanity throws at the typical homeowner or business owner. Troy-Bilt has done its best to make everything from snowfall to leaves, logs, and other “messes” easier to manage, however. Long known for being a major force in the residential landscaping and home improvement industries, the company’s blowers, chippers, snow throwers, and even pressure washers can make quicker and more enjoyable work of cleanup and regular maintenance.

Leaf Blowers

From September through December, trees are more interested in covering the lawn than they are in shading it. Foliage can quickly cause grass to suffer from a lack of both sunlight and nutrients, which can be problematic for winter hardiness and springtime maintenance. Troy-Bilt’s blowers come in a number of forms, and each of them can help homeowners keep their lawns looking great throughout the autumn months. Handheld models are readily available and perfect for lighter work, while the company’s wheeled and electric models offer better portability and convenience for those with larger spaces to conquer and maintain.

Snow Throwers

With both single-stage and two-stage snow throwers, Troy-Bilt is one of the biggest producers of winter equipment on the market. Customers are able to choose from a number of equipment sizes, picking one that works best with their own walkways, driveways, and other areas that need to be cleared immediately after the snow has stopped falling. With powerful engines and durable blades, these snow throwers are among the best reviewed from any company.

Log Splitters

Troy-Bilt’s log splitters are some of the best on the market, sold in two distinct varieties that will be easily at home either in residential or commercial settings. Customers can choose log splitters with varying degrees of force, with each model powered by either Honda OHV engines or Troy-Bilt’s own OHV engine alternatives. Each model is considered relatively compact, able to adapt to meet the specific size of each log and get work done more quickly than alternative methods.

Chipper Shredders

For heavy duty chipping, few options compare to Troy-Bilt chipper shredders. The company offers three distinct sizes, with three engines designed to handle everything from smaller limbs to very large debris. At the entry-level, the company’s chipper shredders are powered by Briggs & Stratton OHV engines. Higher-end models that require a bit more power use Troy-Bilt’s own, custom-built OHV engines that are larger in size and more suited for very extensive work around the home.

Chipper Shredder Vacs

While traditional Troy-Bilt chipper shredders are designed as upright models, the company’s chipper shredder vacs look more like a walk behind lawn mower. The four available models vary in size from compact to nearly industrial-sized, but each is designed to handle smaller seasonal debris in the lawn. The equipment simply rolls over the debris, vacuums it up, and chips it immediately into a fine mulch. The result is a great material for seasonal nutrition and insulation in the lawn, making the company’s chipper shredder vacs perfect for fall maintenance and spring landscaping.

Pressure Washers

A few months’ worth of dirt buildup can seem impossible to get rid of, but Troy-Bilt’s power washers are designed to make easy work of the mess. With models that range from 2,500 PSI to more than 3,000 PSI, each pressure washer is designed to handle varying degrees of size, space, and residue. Each one is as compact as possible, and represents a far superior way to clean siding, brick, patios, and more.


Each of Troy-Bilt’s generators area considered portable, with lightweight frames and built-in wheels for easy towing and mobility. The company offers at least three models, each offering a varying degree of power, which are designed to make blackouts easier or provide sufficient power for serious outdoor landscaping or construction.

Hauling Carts

Cleaning up outside usually requires towing equipment or tools around the yard, making sure everything is easily available but also easy to haul. That’s where Troy-Bilt’s hauling carts come in. The company’s carts are individually sized, with several options that can accommodate everything from a few small gardening tools to commercially-sized equipment more commonly used by professional landscapers or industrial businesses. Each cart features big wheels, study metal construction, and an excellent finish that protects against rust or equipment damage. Has the Equipment and Parts Consumers Need

When the time has come to do some serious cleanup and enlist the aid of Troy-Bilt power equipment, can help. The site is full of helpful power washers, chippers, carts, log splitters, and much more. Each piece of equipment is built to withstand heavy work and years of extensive use, and will provide both great value and great assistance to homeowners looking to keep their home and outdoor spaces looking great all year long. For equipment repair and maintenance is a great source of OEM Parts, service and technical knowledge. Use the online parts lookup tool to identify, ship and pay for the parts that you need. Outdoor Power Equipment maintenance has never been this easy.



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