Troy-Bilt TB130 Push Mower Review

Nearly everyone who has mowed grass has had a bad experience with a mower. Whether it is a problem with the mower’s design or its performance, what is usually a chore becomes an aggravation. So, what does the Troy-Bilt TB 130 High-Wheel Walk-Behind Push Mower have that other push mowers do not have?


Starting a traditional mower is often “iffy.” Maybe it will start, maybe not. After you have pulled and pulled on the cord, you may be too tired to mow! (Or, the cord came off in your hand.) The Troy-Bilt TB 130’s 160cc Honda engine offers reliable, easy starting. The Automatic Return Choke System (ARCS) prevents flooding the engine, since no priming is needed.

Often, a traditional mower does not “feel” right. It is unwieldy in design, and you must spend too much energy shoving it around. Mowing is harder instead of easier. On the other hand, the Troy-Bilt TB 130 has a 6-position dual-lever deck height adjustment with a 3-position height adjust handle. It is easy to choose the mower height for the type of grass or weeds being mowed, and quickly set the cutting height. (Remember that some of the older mowers had to be adjusted with pliers and perhaps, a screwdriver?) The 7-inch front wheels and the 11-inch tall rear wheels make it easy to cruise through tall growth. The mower has great maneuverability on any terrain, producing an even cut every time. No more missed strands that stick straight all over the yard!

The 21-inch steel mower deck extends beyond the wheels on both sides for a wide, consistent swath. The Troy-Bilt 130’s twenty-one inch steel mulching deck (the area UP and UNDER the mower) is stamped in a symmetrical circle with a smooth surface that generates a strong vacuum. Grass is freely diffused for better mulching and easier expulsion.

NOTE: The stamping process is accomplished by metal stamping presses, of which many range in size from 22 to 100 tons, enabling that stamping company to produce Troy-Bilt mower decks with precision and speed.


Mechanical issues on traditional mowers were numerous. As soon as you fixed one hindrance, another one popped up. You sometimes worked for hours, or even all day, on the mower and then had to put off mowing until the next day, or the weekend, when you had the time. You changed the spark plug, replaced the pull cord, mixed the fuel, sharpened the blade, cleaned the debris out of, and off, the mower. You even gave it a name, like “Lizzie,” hoping it would respond. It usually didn’t. But, if it did, Lizzie filled the whole neighborhood with smoke!

The clogged fuel line was always a fist-clencher. Sometimes the fuel had jelled in the carburetor, and it took a lot of sweat to unclog it or perhaps you had to replace parts. The Troy-Bilt TB 130 could develop that problem if it sat in the garage for a long period of time. But, it won’t happen. It’s too much fun. Your teenager will arm wrestle with you for the privilege to mow.

Troy-Bilt has presented the TB130’s new innovative cutting system, TriAction®. Its three-point strategy works collectively to present the most manicured and immaculate lawns possible:

First of all, the TriAction mowing system begins with the rake guard. The rake guard causes the grass, or other growth, to stand vertically as it enters the deck. This aids in the elimination of those blades of grass, or shafts of other growth, that stick up like sore thumbs.

Secondly, the smooth, stamped steel, symmetrical deck keeps grass clippings circulating freely. This produces finer clippings that can be left on the grass as mulch to put its nutrients back into the soil for a healthier lawn. Besides, finer cut clippings are easier to eliminate in the discharge chute or into the rear bag.

Thirdly, the blade has been newly designed with a smooth S arc, and a flatter surface area. These features provide faster blade tip speed, greater airflow, and more vacuum force to keep clippings airborne longer.

Furthermore, Troy-Bilt gives you a choice of grass control.
– Side discharge. The cuttings fly off to one side, back onto the ground.
– Mulching. The cuttings are finely cut and are discharged back onto the lawn as nutrients.
– Rear bagging. A standard 1.86- bushel bag is included. The capacity is actually 1.9- bushel, with an easy-attach wide mouth.

The rear bag has a wide opening that keeps the clippings flowing, assuring a complete fill every time. The simple latch on the rear bag permits easy removal and disposal of clippings. A side discharge chute clip is fitted onto the TB 130 for easy storage when mulching or bagging.

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