Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor Review

The Troy-Bilt Brand has been around for over 75 years, and with a look at current production and sales, there are no signs of that legacy slowing down any time soon. Starting out in 1937 bringing the very first rototiller to the American public, Troy-Bilt has built their reputation on innovation, product design, and overall usefulness within the lawn and gardening market. Beginning with an idea that had never been seen before, the rototiller, and creating a reputation for quality and durability, Troy-Bilt then added lawn mowers, weed eaters, and numerous other varieties of outdoor power lawn equipment.

As the company evolved, their commitment to excellence has grown in stride. Continuing to focus on designing and building the best lawn and garden equipment on the market, and doing so in a manner that keeps protecting and maintaining the environment in the forefront, the Troy-Bilt company has established itself as an industry leader in the lawn and garden power equipment industry.

With that, they introduce the Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor. If normal lawn tractors could be compared to vehicles, the TB 2246 Thoroughbred is the Cadillac of Lawn Tractors. Here are just a few of the great features this lawn tractor offers. First and foremost, the overall basic construction of the TB 2246 Thoroughbred sets it apart from its competition. As with all of the products Troy-Bilt brings to the market, this lawn tractor is built to last. There is not much this muscle bound tractor cannot do with its powerful Kohler engine, its cast iron front axle and its 12-gauge steel construction. This thing is like the Sherman Tank of lawn tractors.

In addition, with its monster 46” deck and amazing 15” turning radius, the Troy-Bilt 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor covers more ground, and is more maneuverable than most lawn tractors on the market today. This means the person behind the wheel will be able to mow more lawn faster, and with a lot more ease than they would using one of the competitor’s lawn tractors. Not only that, but regardless of what one’s preference is for grass height, the Troy-Bilt TB 2246 has them covered there as well, offering six different adjustable blade heights allowing the user to cut their lawn as short or as long as they prefer.

Not only is the Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor one of the best on the market due to its overall power and ability, this lawn tractor is designed for all out performance, but with the environment in mind. A commitment to leave the world in a better place than it was found is paramount in today’s market place. Troy-Bilt did not back down in designing and building one of the most powerful, yet environmentally conscious lawn tractors on the market. That powerful 22.0 Single Kohler Courage Engine not only cranks the power needed to breeze through any lawn, but it also does it while maintaining some of the best fuel efficiency on the market. Fuel efficiency means the 2.5 gallon tank on the TB 2246 will get you more usage than a 2.5 gallon tank on the lawn tractors offered by Troy-Bilt’s competition.

One of the other great benefits to owning a Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor is the ease in which these tractors can be repaired in the event they do require maintenance. Finding a Troy-Bilt dealer or Troy-Bilt parts for one’s Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor is about as easy as falling out of a boat and hitting water. Troy-Bilt dealers are set up throughout most major cities and towns, and they generally have Troy-Bilt parts on hand.

In closing, Troy-Bilt has spent a lifetime building some of the best lawn and garden equipment on the market, and the Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor is no different. Yet another in a long line of industry leading, lawn and garden innovations, backed with Troy-Bilt’s solid reputation and commitment to excellence, there is no reason this lawn tractor should not top the list of anyone looking to purchase a lawn tractor for their home. Words cannot begin to do justice to what the Troy-Bilt TB 2246 Thoroughbred Lawn Tractor can bring to the table. Contact the nearest Troy-Bilt dealer, and give one a try today.

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