Troy-Bilt Two-Stage Snow Throwers

Now is definitely the time to move up from manual shoveling to the Troy-Bilt snow thrower, but the selection of a specific model will depend upon the snowfall and how much space regularly needs to be cleared. Many applications will only require the use of a single-stage snow thrower, also called a snow blower. These smaller and lighter machines, used for small areas or light amounts of snow, use an impeller, driven by a motor, to pick up and propel the snow off to one side of the operator. The larger, two-stage snow throwers, are used to move heavier snow, or where larger areas need to be cleaned. They use a larger auger to feed the snow at a controlled rate into the high-speed impeller, which expels the snow away from the user. Because of their larger size, the two-stage snow throwers are nearly always self-propelled, and powered by gasoline engines. 

The Storm Series from Troy-Bilt features four models that vary in size, power and features. The snow intakes are all 21 inches high, but vary in width from 24 to 30 inches; this width is the first two digits of the model number. As a point of reference, a public sidewalk is typically about 60 inches wide, and a one-car driveway will be at least twice that. All have push-button electric start, all-wheel drive with six forward and two reverse speeds, and utilize a 12-inch auger.

The Storm 2410 is the lightest of the group. With a 179cc engine and 13-inch tires, the 2410 is a no-frills snow thrower, for occasional use or locations with minimal snowfall. The 2620 adds a joystick to control the angle of the chute. The 2620, and higher models, adds an in-dash headlight that will be welcome on those early mornings or late nights. The 2840 and 3090 XP have heated handle grips standard, one of those features that seems extravagant, but only in the showroom. Out in the cold, it’s a huge help. The importance of having the four-way joystick control, used for both chute angle and pitch of snow discharge on the 2840 and higher, will depend on just how often these parameters have to be changed during regular use. Ditto with the “Just One Hand” operation, featured on all the Storm models except the 2410, which allows the user a free hand to change the pitch and angle of the chute without stopping. The 3090 XP also features “Touch ‘n Turn” power steering. These power assist features allow easier operation for users with below-average strength or agility.

A special Storm model is worth mentioning separately, the Storm Tracker 2690 XP. This snow-throwing monster has a 26-inch-wide intake with all the features of the 3090 XP. Troy-Bilt has replaced the snow tires with a 4.5-inch by 10-inch Snow Track Drive, which, like a bulldozer, gives the operator the stability of a full 45 square inches of ground contact on each side. Additionally, in place of the standard all-wheel drive transmission, the Storm Tracker 2690 XP has SelecTrac Drive. Three separate modes allow the best performance possible on packed or icy snow or uneven surfaces such as gravel driveways by varying the balance of the thrower’s weight.

There are two other models from Troy-Bilt to consider. The Polar Blast Series has a 22-inch-high intake, the larger, 16-inch tires, heated handle grips as standard equipment, and a built-in chute clearing device. Like the Storm snow throwers, they have a headlight built into the dash. Unlike the Storm Series, the pitch control operates on a hand crank rather than the joystick. The 3310 XP has a 33-inch-wide intake and a 357cc engine. The 45-inch-wide Polar Blast 4510 has the largest engine, 420cc. It has all the features of the 3310 with the addition of the Touch ‘n Turn steering and the Just One Hand drive operation. These are the most serious of Troy-Bilt’s two-stage snow throwers and handle the heaviest snow and the largest areas.

Some of the configuration options will depend upon the user’s geographical location. This means city use versus country use, the topography and amount of snowfall that typically must be moved. A small business owner might need to clear a parking area, but if it is level and free of obstacles then the Storm Tracker 2690 XP’s Snow Track Drive may be overkill. In an area known for heavy, wet snow, a model with a larger engine should be considered. Experts in outdoor power equipment are a good resource as to local conditions as well as which Troy-Bilt snow thrower best meets the needs of specific applications.

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